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Stage Fright

Last night I had my first tournament tennis match.  I got the courts early and watched a couple other matches and then met up with my doubles partner and started practicing.  Practicing went well.  I felt like my partner was hitting the ball relatively hard and I was having no problem returning the ball hard and fast back to him.  I also got a decent amount of good serves in.  I was smiling and having fun on the court.  I was ready to go.  Come match time, we get out on the court to start and I am like a deer in head lights.  I was so nervous half the time I was barely moving and just watching the ball zoom by me.  Sort like an out of body experience.  This has been the case almost every match I’ve played in, with the exception of the time we played against one of the worst teams in the league (I guess I didn’t feel that threatened that day).  I felt kind of petrified and rather than do the wrong thing, I didn’t really do much at all.  I was a terrible doubles partner.  We lost 1 to 9.  It was pretty awful. 
On the way home I replayed things in my head.  I really feel like I have a performance anxiety problem when it comes to situations like last night.  About 10 people were watching our match and then there was my partner and our opposing team as well.  I felt a lot of pressure in general from the match, but also because it was a tournament match and the team was counting on us (me).  I was terrified to screw up and hated everyone watching me.  It was kind of debilitating.
I also have a fear of public speaking.  I never liked giving presentations in school or college.  They make me very nervous- like sweaty nervous.  Last year I had to give a presentation for work at our all employee’s conference to about 150 people and I HATED it.  The only thing that saved me was that I was up on the stage with a co-worker who did most of the talking.  Finally after 10 minutes or so I started to get a tiny bit more comfortable and jumped in with some information, but mainly I just stood there, again like a deer in head lights.
I’m part of a special team at work.  It’s not part of my regular job, but I choose to be on the team because it’s a good opportunity to get out of the office and work in a much different capacity for our organization than what I do for my primary job.  The team I’m on is huge on training.  We get to attend different kinds of training ourselves and we also often provide training and presentations on what our team does.  Last week I was out with the team to give a presentation to middle school and high school students and when our team leader asked if I wanted to speak/present, I opted out, not wanting to have to speak by myself in front of a large group.  We have international travel opportunities that I could go on, but the prerequisite is going through an instructor course that involves instruction exercises, which terrifies me.  I am dying to travel internationally, but I would also be afraid to be an instructor and have to speak to large groups, so I have avoided getting certified as an instructor and miss out on all these potentially cool international trips because of it. 
I’m really need to try and get over this anxiety.  Maybe do toastmasters or just make myself go to the instructor course and face my fear.  I’m not sure how to get over the tennis anxiety.  At this point the season may be over (depending on whether my team wins or loses the next match), so it may be a non-issue.  I just see a pattern of myself getting really nervous in situations where I’m center of attention.  It’s weird, because I’m not even a really shy person.  I’m usually pretty friendly and outgoing and in many situations it’s tough to shut me up.  But put me on display or in front of a large group and it gets me worked up! 
Do you have problems with stage fright/anxiety in these kinds of situations?  How do you/did you deal with it?  Help!


June 30, 2010 at 6:18 pm 2 comments

Blueberries and Tennis

Sunday morning I asked Greg what he felt like for breakfast and he said, “something with blueberries”.  I was kinda feeling like oatmeal so I brainstormed for a minute and came up with an idea. 

Blueberry Pie Oatmeal (seriously, it tastes like blueberry pie!)
-1/2 cup blueberries
-1/3 cup oats
-1/3 cup plus splash milk (I used vanilla soy)
-splash of water
-about a teaspoon (heaping) of Naturally Nutty Cinnamon Vanilla Sunflower Butter or almond butter
-a hit of Agave syrup or maple syrup.
You can also add a pinch of cinnamon.

Cook til blueberries break open and oatmeal is purple!

So I have a tournament tennis match on Tuesday night.  And I really haven’t practiced.  I begged Greg to hit the courts with me, and he agreed to!  He might be up for husband of the year after letting me drag him to a baby shower, fancy dinner, and tennis in 95 degree heat all in one weekend… 
Off we went to the courts!
We lasted about an hour out in the HEAT!  Greg was great.  At the end when I said we could stop he told me to take my ball bin and practice serving for a while.  Thanks coach Greg! 
I feel like I got some good practice in.
We went home and had a well deserved lazy afternoon.

June 28, 2010 at 10:10 am 1 comment

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

So I got spanked at my tennis match tonight.    I got to the courts around 6:15pm for my 6:30pm match, in time to see the end of the Men’s match and the Mixed Doubles match.  Men’s doubles was going well.  Mixed, not so much.  Pictures of my teammates,  Orange Crush. (yes, I finally remembered to bring my camera!)

This is Bobby and Alesia. They weren’t having a good day on the court…

Bobby is the guy that recruited me to play on Orange Crush.  He’s a pretty good player, but he was definitely having an off night tonight.  I think he and Alesia lost like 5 to 9.  Better than my match!  My score was 1 to 9!  😦  One of the girls we were against in the Women’s Doubles match was in this same mixed doubles match that Bobby was in.  I could tell she was GOOD.  So was the other girl that played us.  They both had good serves, good net game and were good about hitting the ball to places we couldn’t get to it.  I knew going in that it would be a battle.  My serve was off, but the rest of my game wasn’t bad.  We just weren’t as good as they were.  Bummer!
The other part of my night was much more pleasant.  I got home and took Clyde for a nice neighborhood walk.  Then made a yummy dinner.  I had a Gyro sandwich (love them!) at lunch and had a lot of left over meat and about half a pita.  I decided a salad topped with Gyro meat was in order.  I still have lots of cucumbers left from my veggie purchases for Kelly’s shower (English cucs seem to last pretty long since they are shrink wrapped in plastic- thank god!).  So I made sort of my own version of Tzikiki sauce.  Cucumbers, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, and dill in the mini chop.  Plus some CHIA SEEDS, which came in a box from Open Sky today!

I spooned the dressing over a salad of green leaf lettuce (from the Farmer’s Market), cucumber, tomato, and Gyro meat.  Topped with salt and pepper.

With some of my leftover pita from my sandwich on the side.  Yum 🙂
At least the late evening/dinner portion of my night went well. 
On a different note- GO CELTICS!!!  I’m watching the game while blogging.  I love all my New England teams, but especially the Red Sox and the Celtics.  I’ve seen both play live a couple times.  Here’s a flashback pic to a family outting to a Celtics/Bobcats game a couple years ago on Thanksgiving weekend in Charlotte:

I tried to wear green to represent the champs, even though my sweater was a more muted green than my bro’s bright green.  Here’s Greg, Me, Ashley (bro’s wife) , and my brother Mark.  Yikes, glad my hair is longer now.  I don’t think that cut was doing me any favors…haha!  Good night!

June 16, 2010 at 2:01 am 4 comments

Maybe tennis isn’t so bad…

I actually WON my tennis match tonight!!!  Well, Peter, my partner, and I won it.  But we won.  9-2.  Pretty great!  Maybe I don’t hate tennis after all.  Maybe I’m just a sore loser.  I think I played well though.  My serve is improving and I’m getting more comfortable.  Yay!
Prior to my match I snacked on this baby:

I actually, really really liked it.  Pretty natural ingredient list too: natural peanut butter, organic rolled oats, brown rice flour, chocolate chips, rice crisps, soy protein, flax, cane juice, and sea salt.  I might try and and replicate it myself.  Maybe I was just hungry, but it was like a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips.  Yum!  And it seemed to fuel me for the match well too.  I was running all over the court and had a couple good saves 🙂
When I got home I surveyed the fridge and knew I again had to make something with my massive supply of veggies.  I decided to do one of my favorite combos: green beans with almonds.  I sauteed green beans in a little butter and added crushed almonds to the pan and sauteed them a little more.  The green beans were still kinda crunchy so I also added a little water and covered them to steam them a little.  I served them with two crackers with some Tuscan chicken salad on the side.

I NEED to go watch Glee! Apparently it rocked and I still haven’t seen it yet, because I ran with Michelle (my first 4 miles since the half!) last night and then got side tracked making and freezing cheese and broccoli soup last night and didn’t watch! Oh well at least it’s TIVO’d and I can fast forward through the commercials 🙂

June 10, 2010 at 12:17 am 5 comments

The Mid-Week Report

The week is moving right along as usual.  I had planned to do a run Monday night but ran into a snag.  That blister I got on the back of my left heel while golfing with my parents on Sunday was worse than I’d anticipated.  I tried covering/taping it, but I could definitely still feel it when I got my socks and running shoes on.  Damn.  So I decided not to aggravate it further and didn’t run Monday night.  I’m told this is my “taper week” anyway and it should be ok to keep the workouts lighter.
The good news is I had attempt #2 of working out with the blister last night since I had a tennis match and had to try making it work since my team was counting on me to be there.  This time a blister band-aid and one strip of sports tape did the trick.  I couldn’t feel it at all!  Yay!  I’m hoping I have the recipe for pain free blister fix down and can replicate it for my last planned run before the half tonight with Jen and Michelle.
In case you’re wondering, tennis kinda sucked AGAIN.  My team won overall, but sadly, MY match was lost 3-9.  It remains to be seen whether I’ll be continuing with tennis or not when the league is done.  Still not feeling that comfortable with it, and like I’ve said before, it’s not something I can really practice all that much without other people.  I try to have fun out there, but I get pretty nervous at these matches.  I think tennis and I may be better off as casual friends rather than in a “committed relationship”.  LOL!
In other news, for about a week now I’ve been tracking what I’m eating more closely.  I found this site called on A Healthy Slice of Life (thanks Brittany- who also lives in Charlotte!) that grades you on your daily intake and exercise and shows you whether you are on track based on your age, height, weight, etc….  Kinda neat.  I’ve never really watched calories or fat that much.  I just try to eat fairly healthy- lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, etc…  It’s interesting to see if I’m eating around my recommended calorie, fat, protein, sodium, intake each day.  Once you log in, you just add the different things you have eaten to each meal every day.  You can type in the item and most items are already in the system with their nutritional values, so you don’t have to track down a label (which is good, because otherwise I don’t know if I’d do it!).  The only thing is that it’s heavily reliant on you to know your PORTION of each item, so I find myself guessing my portion of what 6 strawberries equals or how much two spoon fulls of yogurt equals a lot.  Therefore, my numbers may be slightly off, but I figure it’s probably pretty close and all kind of equals out (some stuff I probably overestimate on and some I probably underestimate).

Here is my latest weekly breakdown:

Weekly Nutrition Averages vs Goals For Thursday, 27th May To Wednesday, 2nd June
Total Goal
Days with Nutrition  7 days           7 days
Average Calories 1614.85 kcal 1751 kcal
Average Carbohydrates 52.43(212.58g) 60%(263g)
Average Fat 28.75% (51.82g) 25%(49g)
Average Protein 18.82% (76.29g) 15%(66g)
Average Sodium 2041.73 mg 2300 mg
Average Hydration 19.43 fl oz 64 fl oz

I really don’t drink enough water, obviously (which I know).  I haven’t been great about remembering to add water to the nutrition intake thingie though, so I think this is a real low-ball estimate.  Not bad though for the most part on everything else.  I feel like I can pretty much keep doing what I’m doing, but drink MORE WATER!
Greg is home again after a couple days at the new hub.  He found an apartment/crash pad there the other day and got his parking pass for the airport there.  At least he’s got that stuff figured out now so he doesn’t have to stress over it like he was last weekend.  He’s home for the next couple days so I will try to enjoy it even though it’ll be a pretty busy week.

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Tennis kinda bites

So, I lost my tennis match Wednesday night 😦  The score was 3-9.  I didn’t really like the guy I was playing with.  He was really bossy, telling me what to do the whole time, and it made me really uncomfortable.  I had some decent shots and my serve is improving, but I also had some bonehead shots and missed a bunch of shots.  I have to say, I’m not sure I’m feeling tennis on the competitive level.  I’m not sure I like doubles either.  Given the choice between tennis and running, I know I’d pick running hands down.  The problem with tennis is that you need other people to practice with, it’s expensive (if you want to play certain places, take lessons, etc…), it takes a lot of practice to get good, and I find myself REALLY nervous during matches.  Like shaky nervous.  I will definitely finish out the season with my team, but I don’t know if I see myself going further with tennis right now.  😦 
When I got home from tennis, I decided I wanted to try and make a black bean burger with leftover black beans I had in the fridge.  I put black beans, spinach, garlic, onion, carrot, salsa, cumin, paprika, and bread crumbs into the mini food processor and then formed a patty.  I think I over-pureed the mix a little because it was so soft that I needed a bunch of bread crumb to get it to where it wasn’t totally sticky and soft and to help me form it into a patty.  I threw that on the grill with some asparagus.

Finished product, with cheese, salsa, and a little non-fat plain yogurt on a couple leaves of lettuce.  It was good, but I think like I said, I’d puree it less and maybe reserve some whole black beans to mix in so it wasn’t completely soft and had more texture. 

Thursday night I did my 5 mile run with Michelle.  This run oddly started out good (usually it’s the opposite with me and starts rough but gets better) but kind of got worse about halfway.  I think it was was the heat, it was pretty brutal out there last night.  I was drenched after the run.  I’m praying that the morning of the half is cool out and good weather.
When I got home I did a little carb loading since I plan on doing another long run Saturday morning.  My last long run before the half- yikes!  I made a Boca Bruchetta patty with some tomato basil sauce and italian cheese and some whole grain penne, with brussel sprouts.  
Devoured it while blogging, playing fetch with Clyde, and watching Oprah on Tivo.  I’m such the multi-tasker!

May 28, 2010 at 5:01 pm 1 comment

Sunday started off with a breakfast consisting of Green Monsters (which I’ve gotten Greg into).  I did the standard mix of ice, banana, spinach, vanilla whey protein, and almond milk.  MMMMMMM.  With the Green Monsters we each had a ramekin of huge fresh blueberries and a croissant with melted Nutella at Greg’s insistence (twist my arm).  And some coffee.
We had a fairly lazy Sunday morning of watching some SNL on Tivo and checking up on the latest happenings on our respective laptops while throwing various objects for the puppy to fetch.  Pretty standard stuff at our house.  Greg got ready for his next trip and around noonish I took him to the airport.  From there I went on to do some errands.  Some of them for Kelly’s upcoming bridal shower, which is in two weeks.  I’m co-hosting with her maid of honor and needed to work on some of my tasks and shop for a gift.
While out I received a call from my friend Kerrie asking if I’d like to meet her to play tennis.  I jumped at the chance since I rarely have an opportunity to practice and obviously need to!  I also figured it was the perfect workout for the day after my long run.  I met her at her place and we headed to the Beatty Park courts.  Kerrie is pretty good!  She gave me a definite run for my money.  We played some actual games and were pretty much tied the whole time.  She could totally hack it in my league!  I was glad I played with her because I got a lot of good practice in with her being about my speed.  We played about an hour before giving up our court for some people waiting.
We decided to go get some post-tennis dinner at Brixx Pizza at Blakeney. I got a salad with goat cheese and balsamic and a thin crust pizza with artichoke and roasted red pepper, but only ate half the pizza.  Both hit the spot!  I rushed home to watch the Lost series finale.  I even stayed up til 11:30pm to see the WHOLE THING.  I have to say.  I was disappointed.  Anyone watch it?  Thoughts??

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