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furloughed pilot blogs?

It’s hard to find any blogs written by furloughed pilots or furloughed pilot’s wives. That was my main reason for starting this one. I continually search for other people going through this, but really haven’t found much. I hope that if there are other pilot families going through furlough, they may find this blog. Maybe it will give them some comfort. Maybe they will reach out to me and share their experience.
I found this site today… It’s written by a furloughed corporate pilot who has been furloughed about the same amount of time as Greg. Interesting.
I know most of my followers are other pilots wives. I hope my blog isn’t too depressing (sorry!). I feel like before the furlough I didn’t have the perspective I have now. I was coasting along seemingly unaware that the bottom could drop out from under us. I wished I’d prepared myself for it better.
I just want to capture the emotions that both pilot and spouse go through during furlough. The lows, the stress, the ups and downs of good news and bad, etc…


December 16, 2009 at 12:16 am 1 comment

Throughout the past year of Greg being furloughed I feel like Greg have alternated feeling crappy/depressed about things. I would say for the most part it’s been him that has had lower moments. It makes sense since it was him that lost his job and him that’s had to continually look for new jobs, search for flying jobs, and take the brunt of the pressure and sadness that’s come with all of this. There were times when he was close to inconsolable he was so consumed with his sad feelings. Usually during those times, I was actually doing ok. I think as a spouse, you realize that both of you being in that low state of mind at the same time is bad, so you keep your head up and play cheerleader and do the best you can to be there for your spouse since they are in need.
For the most part, cosmetically, the furlough didn’t change my life that much. I still have the same job, drive the same car, live in the same house, etc… But it did change my life in a large intangible way. It robbed me of a sense of security. It took away the momentum we had going towards building our future. I’ve said it before- I just feel stuck. The past few weeks, I think I’ve been the one that’s feeling low about everything. Greg got a boost when he left the truck driving job he hated and started the hotel job, which he loves in comparison. I however, looked at the situation differently. He is in his third job in a year that doesn’t pay well, has an awful schedule, and has no real future. We don’t know if he will ever get called back to Continental. I think around the year mark, I recognized this even more than I did before. We’ve always known that we didn’t know when, but after a year, it just seems like endless purgatory. I thought maybe at the year mark we’d have more of a light at the end of the tunnel. But we don’t. I feel like we’re just in this hole that we’re never going to get out of, and I am losing my ability to be optimistic and being taken over by this jaded attitude about life.
Being married is interesting. Like I said, really for all intensive purposes, MY life- separate from Greg, hasn’t changed. But when you get married, it’s like you all the sudden feel everything your spouse feels, and everything is so intertwined. I feel guilty for saying it, but I feel dragged down by my husband’s situation. He’s a wonderful person and I’m proud of him for doing everything he has done this year. He’s worked hard to keep us afloat and for the most part he’s handled the situation pretty well. But right now, I feel like his situation is dragging us waaaaaaaay down, emotionally and financially. I don’t blame him, but I feel like marriage is very tough because of this. It’s getting to me lately. I feel exhausted trying to stay positive and happy despite everything. I feel like I’m succumbing a little bit to the misery of the situation. I just feel like wallowing in the frustration and sadness of not knowing when things are going to get better. I know I’m going to keep getting out of bed in the morning and going about life. But right now, I am not enjoying life that much. I feel like I’m going through the motions and waiting for things to get better.

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Still angry

Here’s a picture of Greg with his truck.
I’m not having a good day. I feel like all my emotions have come spilling out today. At the beginning of the week Greg told me he probably wouldn’t make it home this weekend yet again. Last night we talked and he actually seemed optimistic that he might get to come home if his dispatcher routed him in the direction of home, which got me optimistic too. Then this morning he got yet another impossible assignment that will take him further from home, so he is back to not being able to come home. It just sucks because it took me to higher place to fall from and hearing the news put me into a total depression on everything. I actually cried in my office upon hearing the news and I fear even now that I’m teetering on the border of going into a cry again because I’m in such a low place about everything.
He plans on quitting later today once he has picked up his latest load. Rumor has it that you can’t quit this company, they always claim they fired you, so he’s trying to handle the situation carefully. He still plans on doing the right thing and giving two weeks notice, but at this point I don’t care. I kinda just want him to say “I’m done” and come home now.
I feel like I’m just becoming totally pessimistic about everything. It’s been a whole year since the furlough, and we’re really just back to square one. He’s about to quit this job and we’ll be worse off than we were when we started the furlough a year ago, because now he doesn’t even have unemployment to fall back on. I’m not overly optimistic that he’ll easily find another job when he’s been applying for stuff all along that hasn’t panned out. I feel like nothing I do really helps either. I find stuff for him to apply for, apply for him myself, pass his resume on to people, be there for him, push him, nothing seems to help because we are back to where we started. I don’t think he’s going to get called back from furlough anytime soon and I see no way for this to really be resolved. It’s just depressing.
My friends keep encouraging me and trying to be constructive with advice, but I just feel like they don’t get it. There is no easy fix. It’s been over a year. This just sucks, and we have tried everything again and again and nothing is getting resolved. I feel like I deserve to feel defeated and upset about it. Being positive and upbeat is not really helping and all my effort isn’t getting us anywhere.

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Furloughed a year…

So Greg has been furloughed almost an entire year now. It was September of 2008 when he first got furloughed. This weekend he heard some “good news” that Continental is not going to furlough more pilots (well, probably not), and due to work rule changes that are expected to happen, he may get called back in or around March. He was VERY excited by all this news. It really just served to piss me off. Not that I want bad news like more furloughs or no possibility of getting called back, but I just worry that this gives him a lot of false hope to latch on to.
I was just saying to a friend the other day that to me the airlines are like this friend that wronged me. I’m just not too excited to go running back to them after what they put us through. I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I can get comfortable that our lives will be very stable ever as long as Greg is a pilot. The industry is so unstable and unpredictable. I do want him to fly again. I know he loves it. I just don’t want to get all excited about it. Plus, nothing happens on the time line they predict. Just like the government. I don’t think we should assume anything until the day he actually gets the call saying he’s called back.
I also just worry that this will cause him to become lazy/laxed about really looking for another job, since he sees a so-called light at the end of the tunnel now. I think we still need to plan for the call-back not happening just in case.

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