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Sunday Run-day

I was excited to get up this morning and go for a run with Ashley around the plantation.  As you saw yesterday, it’s completely gorgeous in Hilton Head, and a run around the plantation sounded like a great plan.  Before our run, we ate some fruit and played with you-know-who….

I got my Nike’s on and we headed out.

I warned Ashley prior to the run I needed to take it kind of easy on this run since I’m still nursing that knee and that I might not want to go too far.  But she convinced me to do the big 4-5 mile loop which includes bridges over the marsh and going by the marina- some pretty views.  I couldn’t say no and she said we’d walk if it bothered me, so I agreed…  Yeah… my knee started bothering me after about 2 miles.  Great…  So that wasn’t fun…  We walked on and off, but I think I need to look into treatment this week again if I want to kick this injury once and for all.  I can’t believe I felt it again after resting it so long.  Rrrrrr!  I’m totally discouraged.

Lunch today was out at a new restaurant called Woody’s.

I can’t believe Mark and Ashley are coming up on one year of marriage already!
I had a delicious salad with a giant crabcake on top.
The girls stopped at the Tanger Outlets to check out the Banana Republic Factory Store (my fav).  I got two dresses and a t-shirt.  I may be wearing one dress to the Healthy Living Summit Cocktail Party in a few weeks!
I made a batch of banana soft serve for the fam!  It was a big hit!
Before heading out of town, we all went to the pool for one last float.  This time I had water with fresh strawberries floating in it instead of margaritas, since I was driving. 
My trip home:
95 North:
(the sun was behind the clouds, glowing 🙂
and finally 77 North:
It actually got really stormy between Columbia and Charlotte.  Good thing Greg’s car has 4-wheel drive and I’m used to driving in crappy weather…
I made it home around 9:30pm.  The trip felt too short.  I am wondering if I should have stayed another day…  😦  I miss my family already!

July 26, 2010 at 3:08 am 3 comments

Fast Times on Hilton Head Island.

Clyde and I arrived in Hilton Head around 4pm on Friday!  Just time for a float in the pool and a margarita with the fam!  It was so lovely! 
After regrouping at the house, we headed out to Corks for dinner, which is one of my favorite spots in the area now and I’ve been there about 4 times.  The food always rocks and the wine is phenomenal. 🙂  There was ahi tuna, salad with goat cheese and apples, and tuscan chicken flatbread.  Also a nice Rojo and a Pinot Noir. 
A couple of my brother’s friends met us out and came back to the house for some dessert (peach cobler) and more wine. 
I called it a night early since I’d been up since 5:15am for that early yoga class and also needed to make sure the puppy behaved at the grandparents’ house.  The youngins (bro, sister-in-law, and their friends) went out for some drinks around 10:15pm.

Saturday morning started with a walk with my mom and Clyde around the plantation. 

Spanish moss 🙂
The Marsh
This sign is pretty funny, and about 10 years ago when my brother was in college, he stole one similar to this posted in the same area that read “Please do not feed or MOLEST the alligators”.  Ok, I won’t!
Clyde checking out a bird!
The building behind those trees is the plantation clubhouse where Greg and I got married 🙂
It was about a 2-3 mile walk.  I love it here.  It’s my favorite place to walk.  So scenic! 
Back at the house we had some plans for breakfast…
I got my mom hooked on Green Monsters last time she visited. 
We also had this fruit salad that I helped make.
Playing with the settings on the new camera…  Love the “food” setting 🙂
After breakfast, my dad and brother hit the links, Ashley went to the pool, and my mom and I went to get some food for a huge seafood feast we were planning for dinner. 
Some of the goods…
Also went to Hudson’s Fish Market for FISH!
I took a couple pictures of the docks at Hudsons while my mom was inside picking out the fish.
After our errands were complete, my mom and I joined Ashley up at the pool…
We got in some girl talk and I read more of Eat, Pray, Love.  We also took a dip to cool off.
Then the boys got back from golf and called us to come to the smaller pool on my parents’ street.  They met us with pool noodles for floating and some margaritas in insulated containers.
Once our skin was fully pruned (and I was tipsy from my margarita) we headed back to the house to make our dinner feast.
Fun in the kitchen!
Some relaxing also ensued…
Clyde likes his uncle!
For dinner we had a salad with spinach and romaine, and assorted topping options…  Almonds, dried cranberries, croutons, and goat cheese.
We had the ultimate seafood feast of seared scallops (made by my bro), broiled tilapia, and king crab legs.
My dad and bro also grilled a couple filet mignons with a seasoning of cocoa, chili powder, and salt.
I don’t steak that often anymore, but this was a good one.  I had a slice.
We also had asparagus and wild rice.
My plate (crab leg not pictured!):
and my salad:
Plus we had some wine:
 We had a little cheesecake for dessert, and this dessert wine:
Sounds weird, but it’s pretty good.  Kinda like Kahlua…
We also had a visitor on the window:
He was funny!  Reminded me of those sticky octopi in the cereal boxes that you throw at a window and they stick and “climb” down…
Then we all called it a night! 

July 25, 2010 at 4:52 pm 3 comments

Ode to My Bro

Since I’m still having camera issues, after my camera went for a swim in the puddle in my purse, I figured I’d get creative today.  After blogging for a while now, I think posts with pictures are way better than those without, so I try include pictures when I can. 

Next weekend I’m going to be seeing my younger brother for the first time in about 8 months.  He lives in NJ right outside NY, and I don’t get to see him very often since we live so far apart now.  Back when he got married in the fall, we did a scrapbook of old pictures for the bride and groom, and many old pictures of us were found, used, and saved to my computer.

In honor of seeing my brother next weekend, here’s some pictures of us.  Past and present!

(he had a habit of needing to go to the bathroom right when my mom whipped out the camera…)
Rocking our overalls!

Us with our respective favorite stuffed animals.  Mine was “Pander” and Mark’s was Ernie.  He used to chew on Ernie’s nose.
Check out my Little House on the Prarie style flannel night gown and my Koosa!
This was on a trip to Jamaica.  I was in 5th grade, and yes, I totally got cornrows while there!
Yes, we were hardcore bikers.
Here’s a couple more recent pictures of us…
Can’t wait to see him next weekend!

July 17, 2010 at 1:12 pm 2 comments

Happy Father’s Day!

My very lucky dad is currently on his way to Ireland with my mom right now!  SO JEALOUS!!  In honor of Father’s Day, here’s some pics of me and my dad 🙂

Ohio State Graduation

Friend’s wedding in NH
The fam at my old house in Virginia

June 20, 2010 at 11:06 pm 6 comments

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I was so glad we had a three-day weekend.  I’ll take an extra day off anytime 🙂  My weekend was busy as usual.  Friday night Greg and I went to Brad and Kelly’s for dinner.  It has been SO LONG since the four of us have gotten together, mostly because of Greg’s schedule.  It was so nice of them to have us over and we enjoyed a yummy shrimp stir-fry and salad dinner courtesy of chef Kelly.  We also brought Clyde so he could see his buddy Rascal.  We had a lovely time.
Saturday morning I was up early to meet Gibson for my last long run before the half marathon- eek!  I can’t believe it’s less than a week away now- kinda freaks me out!  We met at the same trail where I met Michelle last weekend.  I did a repeat of last week’s oatmeal with peanut butter and banana as pre- long run fuel.  For my mid-run fuel I had some Jelly Belly Sports Beans that Kelly had given me the night before and again carried a small Gatorade.  The run was ok.  My run with Michelle last Saturday was better.  This one kind of had it’s good and bad moments.  I started out pretty good, felt really good around mile 5-6, and then the last four miles or so kinda sucked.  Gibson and I were all gossiped out and just trudging along and the humidity had gotten to us, so we just silently put one foot in front of the other other.  It was funny though, because he was trying his best to keep my motivated by saying things like, “Hey, only 3 miles to go!  That’s like being at Central Ave. on the Common Market run (our running group’s Thursday loop).”  He thought that would help me, but I was like “dude, that’s like the beginning of the run, that means almost the WHOLE thing is still in front of us!”  Basically it made me feel like I had sooooo much left instead of the opposite effect.  Anyway, I finished 10 miles plus about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile in addition when I walked to eat some sports beans and drink some Gatorade.  I’m hoping race day goes better.  Lately it goes back and forth about every other run on feeling good/bad. 
Greg and I spent most of the rest of Saturday cleaning the house and we ran a couple errands, well, after I did my usual post long run lazy thing for an hour or two.  I’ve decided that’s mandatory after long runs. 
My parents were coming Sunday, so we really tried to get the place in order.  We also stayed in Saturday night and kept it low-key. 
Sunday morning we were up doing a little more cleaning and Greg loaded up his car.  He’s done with training and this week he’s flying from his base so he’s taking our third car there to have when he’s there so he has one in each city. 
My parents got to the house right before noon and I made us all grilled panini sandwiches.  I used french bread, havarti cheese, tomato, and dill- yum!  Then my parents and I went to play GOLF.  This was my first time out this year.  I have a set of my mom’s old clubs and even own golf shoes (they are white and silver saddle shoes..hehe!).  A while back I did take golf lessons one summer.  I have a decent drive and my game isn’t too bad, but my short game kinda sucks- probably because I had the least lessons on that.  It’s something I think I’d be good at if I had time, money, and lessons, but probably won’t really put much into it until later in life.  Anyway, we played 18 holes and I had fun hanging out with my parents for the afternoon.  I didn’t bother to keep score of myself, cuz that would just be depressing.  It was more about spending time with them and having fun.  My parents are both good golfers, which is to be expected since they live in a golf community in Hilton Head!  Biggest drawback of the day was that my stupid golf shoes gave me a blister on the back of my left heel.  It’s concerning me a little for my running, but hopefully it’ll feel better in a day or two and I’ll be ok for the race.
After golf we headed back to the house to get ready for dinner.  Greg and I had some PF Changs gift cards to use so we treated them to dinner.  I LOVE the Ginger Chicken with Broccoli at PFC, but last night I got the Coconut Curry Vegetables because I wanted to try something new.  Plus, my mom got the Ginger Chicken, so we thought we’d share.  I also tried Greg’s Buddha Feast (another vegetarian dish), and my Dad’s Lo Mein.  Everything was great.  I was stuffed! 
Greg left early this morning to drive to base.  The company scheduled him for reserve today, so he left around 6am to get to base by 11am.  The rest of us got up later.  I made my mom a Green Monsta- and she loved it and wrote down the recipe for later use 🙂  My mom was dying to go to DSW, so we planned an excursion over there.  I got the cutest sandals! 

I love love love them.  And they’re comfortable 🙂
My parents took off for home after we got back from DSW.  They were actually passing through Charlotte on the way back from a trip to Pinehurst, so it was a relatively short, but fun visit. 
And then it was just Clyde and I for the rest of the day.  It’s been very rainy here, but I didn’t mind at all.  I have been loving just relaxing on the couch with my boy.  I watched my Netflix movie, Taken, which has been sitting on my TV stand for weeks, watched the latest Flash Forward, had some coffee, talked to Jen, Gibson, Greg…  I also did some stuff for Kelly’s shower.  It’s been a nice day in actually.  I could use like 4 more of these…  Ahhhh 🙂

May 31, 2010 at 10:29 pm 3 comments

Weekend in Hilton Head

Clyde and I took a little trip to Hilton Head to see my parents this weekend. 

This was quite an important trip. I have mentioned before that my mom is not a dog person (here), and really worked herself up to the idea of him being at their house.  I originally thought that my parents’ introduction to Clyde should be at our house, but we were having trouble finding a weekend to get together and my dad wanted to be at their house to watch The Masters on his precious HD TV this weekend, so my mom suggested I come there (which is never a bad thing for me as I love HHI).  But anyway, I had thought it best they come to our house to meet Clyde because that way if he had any accidents while they were around at least it wouldn’t be on their floors, and additionally, we know how he behaves in our house, but I wasn’t sure how he’d be at someone else’s for a whole weekend.  Turns out it all went BETTER than I thought it would.  Clyde was just an ANGEL!!  He didn’t even come close to having any accidents, didn’t chew on anything he shouldn’t, and furthermore just acted as cute and loving as can be.

He didn’t jump on my mom and was totally gentle and sweet.  Also, my dad kind of IS a dog person but never pushed my mom to get a dog or anything because he knows she’s not into them.  He had dogs growing up though, and likes playing with a dog when given the chance.  As soon as we got there on Friday, he got down on the living room floor with Clyde and they immediately started playing.  Clyde has a new BFF 🙂

I even went to a movie with my mom yesterday and left Clyde with my dad for couple hours and he was great.  He mostly slept in my dad’s lap.  That pup could melt any heart!  I’m sooooooooooooo happy it went well.  I was so nervous that it wouldn’t go well and my mom would hate him and never want us to visit again or come to our house now that there is a dog involved!
We took Clyde to the beach on Saturday and I was so curious to see how he’d be there.  Only problem was that it was soooooooo windy there!

Poor baby had sand all in his face!  He hid in his carrier to avoid the sand.  We were supposed to meet some of my parents friends there for a picnic lunch, but we quickly realized we’d be eating a great deal of sand in addition to our Publix subs and snacks if we stayed out on the beach.  Mom and I took Clyde for a walk near the water and he got his feet wet in the ocean.  I don’t think he quite knew what to make of the whole experience.  After our brief stint at the beach we relocated our picnic to some picnic tables near the parking lot.

My parents’ friends brought their 7 month old pug, Bella.  She was immediately kind of aggressive towards baby Clyde, and I didn’t really appreciate them not being a little more conscious of that (Hello?!  Restrain your dog people!!).

I ended up taking Clyde to another table and sitting by ourselves because Bella wouldn’t leave Clyde alone.  After lunch we tried socializing the pups and it went okay, but definitely was not one of his better play dates.
My parents took me to dinner at Hugo’s Saturday night and my mom and I split tilapia and stuffed shrimp (YUM).
Clyde also enjoyed a walk around their neighborhood yesterday.  I may have snagged a couple new items at the Tanger outlets while there (pants, sunglasses, running outfit, two shirts).
I always wish I could stay longer when I visit, but I had to get back for work.
I’m so proud of Clyde for winning over my mom 🙂  Great visit!

April 12, 2010 at 2:30 pm 1 comment

Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving was great. My parents arrived by lunchtime on Thanksgiving day. I made a pot of chili for us to eat for lunch since we weren’t having the big meal until dinner time since Greg had work til 3pm. Mom and I made all the staples: turkey, stuffing, sweet potato, mashed potato, and gravy.

We also made my grandma’s mac and cheese. It’s a family tradition. The recipe is as follows:

1 box of spagetti noodles (cook as directed on package)
1 block of sharp white cheddar, shredded (it has to be sharp white- yellow won’t taste or melt the same)
salt and pepper
1/3 to 1/2 cup of milk (eye ball it)

Butter a large round casserole dish.
Layer spagetti noodles, cheese, and salt and pepper.
End with final layer of cheese and then pour the milk over the top. Bake at about 350 degrees for about 40 minutes or so. You want the top to be bubbly/browned and a little crunchy.

We also had apple pie and pumpkin pie.

My parents brought me a few things, including this game called Apples to Apples. After dinner we decided to play and it was so fun and funny that we played til we were falling asleep. Basically the concept is that you have a “hand” of cards that are all nouns. There is a card in the middle that is an adjective. You have put down a card from your hand that best matches with the adjective. Sometimes you have NOTHING that matches well at all, but you just have to wing it. Then each person takes turns being “the judge” and they decide which card that was put down goes with the adjective card best. Very fun. I think we’ll have to have a game night at some point and have everyone over to play.

Friday morning my mom and I had a plan of going to Radio Shack for a set of cordless phones Greg and I had seen in their flyer. We’ve been having problems with our current set holding a charge and it seems we are due for new batteries. We found out that new batteries for 4 cordless phones cost as much as buying new ones though, so we decided we’d go ahead and just buy new phones. Plus we had 2 $10 off coupons and the plan was to use those as well. We got to Radio Shack and they told us we couldn’t use the coupons with the deal (even though another sales person had told us we could a couple days ago). They also were out of the phones we wanted. So that mission was a bust. The only consilation was that we headed down the street to Dunkin Donuts and got some donuts.
Once we were ready for the day we went to DSW. There’s a bunch of stores we have in Charlotte that my parents don’t have near them in Hilton Head, and one is DSW, which is a favorite of my mom’s. I got some cute black shoes for work. I’m short, and most of my pants are a little on the long side on me, but fit great with a pair of heels, so I usually wear heels. Plus I think it’s a more flattering line. Anyway, the pair of black heels I usually wear for work have been bothering me. I think it’s causing some damage to my right foot especially. Therefore I was psyched to find a pair that seems comfortable and hopefully will be better for my feet. After DSW we went downtown in Charlotte and went to Nix for lunch. It’s this great burger place and I wanted to show my dad, because he LOVES a good burger. This place has the best burgers I’ve had in Charlotte. My favorite burgers anywhere are at this place called The Tombs in Georgetown (DC).

After lunch Greg went to work at the hotel. We then went to Total Wine so my parents could load up on wine. We had a quiet afternoon/evening in. Went for a walk around the neighborhood and got a pizza for dinner.

Yesterday we did a Costco run with my parents. They have a Sam’s Club membership (there’s no Costco near them) and wanted to check out our Costco. I got a cute brown shirt, some crazy cheap Calvin Klein sheets, and a bunch of other odds and ends. We did a lunch of leftovers and then my parents headed back home.

Greg and I met Sarah and Josie at this bar called Brazwell’s for drinks last night. Sarah pointed out a guy she thought was cute. I played “Wing Girl” and tugged on the guy’s sleeve and said “Hi, this is my friend Sarah”. He chatted with us for a bit. I’m determined to help my single friends any way I can!

My lasting impression of this weekend is the amount of food I’ve consumed: turkey, burgers, mac and cheese, pie, donuts, pizza, chili….Ugh. I think I need a diet!

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