Spring Happiness

March 25, 2010 at 6:03 pm Leave a comment

So aside from Greg being about 630 miles away right now, I find myself pretty happy.  I’m sure that’s a relief to hear after the months of whining this blog initially started as.
For one thing, I LOVE spring.  It’s my favorite time of year.  I loooooooooooooove when all the trees start flowering, things are turning green and purple, the air gets warm, and the sun is out after months of unbearably cold winter.  It just makes me happy.  I get into the mood to run, be outside, and eat more healthy.  I spend afternoons reading on the deck.  I go for walks, runs, or bike rides.  I drive with my sunroof open.  It’s lovely.
The other thing I was thinking about on my drive into work the other day was that back when I was younger if you had asked me what I wanted my life to be like at this age, it’s pretty close to what I always wanted, minus world travel and a kid or two.  I remember thinking that I wanted to live in a nice house, near a cool city, and work in a high rise office building.  I wanted to have the occasional “glamorous night out” in the city to see a play or go to a nice restaurant for dinner.  I wanted a domestic home life as well like I was brought up with, where I cooked meals for my family.  I wanted some pets besides fish, since that was all I had as a kid.  I wanted to continue doing outdoorsy things, like hiking and biking.  I wanted a good circle of friends to do fun things with.  I pretty much have the life I wanted.  I’m waiting longer than I’d wanted to to have kids and see more of the world, but hopefully I will eventually get a chance to have both of those things as well.  I feel pretty grateful for what I have.  Things really haven’t changed all that much, except that Greg getting this job took a huge weight off of both of us and I suddenly my perspective has shifted and I see the glass as more half full now again.   It’s amazing how that one thing changed everything.  Hopefully the optimist in me is here to stay.
Greg’s training is going well.  It’s not looking like we are going to get to see each other during after all.  Stand-by flights didn’t look good (either way- me going there or him coming home), plane tickets were ridiculously expensive if we were to buy positive space, and the only other alternative would be for me to drive out there and back (10 hours) or for him to rent a car and meet me half-way.  I would probably burn two days of leave to drive out there and back, and if we met halfway he’d waste at least 10 hours driving that he could have used studying.  Plus, he feels like he needs to focus on studying anyway, so a visit might not be all that fun and might stress him out.  So we’ve pretty much decided just to suck it up til he finishes.  There’s a possibility he’ll get lucky and have a break in between ground school and simulator training, so he might come home then if that happens.  That would be good!  Til then we’ll get by on phone calls and Skype.  I miss him.


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